HighVolMusic is pleased to announce that its first release of 2017 will be the new effort from HYDROGYN titled ‘Redemption’. Set for a March 10, 2017 release, ‘Redemption’ features new vocalist Erica Parrott and takes the band in to a new heavier direction with a modern day metal appeal. HYDROGYN continues to evolve and grow as a rock entity. HYDROGYN signed with the label in November and not only includes ‘Redemption’ but the entire back catalog for the band. Founding member Jeff Westlake comments; “Signing with HighVolMusic is just a natural fit for HYDROGYN. Bill Chavis is where it all started with ‘Bombshell’ in 2006 and so with Erica now on board it just seemed it was time to come home. So to do it right we did the entire catalog just to tighten the family up.” Track listing for Redemption: Fixir My Redemption Tail Spin Devil God Devil Suffering Break In two Down In Flames Hey Ho In The End Jenny Special ‘Redemption’ package preorders will begin January 13, 2017 and contain merchandise only available during the preorder time. Visit the HighVolMusic online store for details beginning Jan 13th.

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