2003 was a special year. That September, the band that came to be known as Hydrogyn was born, featuring Jeff Westlake and Jeff Boggs on guitar, Jason Fields on bass and Jerry Lawson on drums.

In January 2004, the band found vocalist Julie Eplion. From there, things officially were off and running. From then until March 2005, Hydrogyn toured, recorded and partnered with such heavy-hitters as Pepsi , Budweiser and OFF THE RIM apparel company. Those connections and the band's ever-growing profile led to working with world-renowned producer Michael Wagener. That relationship turned out the worldwide success of sophomore release "Bombshell" in 2006.

The band followed up with a live recording from the successful tour they had been on since Fall 2005. They went back in the studio in January 2008 to again turn out the highly acclaimed "Deadly Passions." The band went on to record 10 albums.

Julie left in 2014, and Erica Parrott came in for "Redemption." The very modern heavy-hitting opus saw the nucleus of Westlake , Boggs and Chris Sammons back together along with John Cardilino on drums.

When the pandemic struck in 2020, the band welcomed new faces and voices around Westlake. Those changes brought in the vocalist he had wanted for some time: Holly Hines Freed. She came on board along with her husband Jacob on bass, drummer Scot Clayton II and Ryan Stepp on guitar. That line up put out "The Boiling Point."

Having been plagued by a string of health issues, Holly was sidelined from the band for the past year. With her health being the most important thing, Westlake has decided to put Hydrogyn to bed. After 18 years, he says it is time to say goodbye.

However, Hydrogyn is not going out without a final shot or two.

The band took time right before Holly's surgery in 2021 to record a live event as well as some new studio tracks called Hydrogyn Live 3:18 // Live Never Fails." In addition, Westlake is planning a best-of compilation titled "Essential Elements" that also will include some rarities and previously unreleased tracks.
"I want to thank every single person who believed in what we have done," Westlake said. "I want to thank every person who has played in the band, worked along side us and showed us the way. It was a fabulous time, and I am grateful for all of the friendships made along the way, too.

"This is not the end for me, of course, but it is for Hydrogyn. We love you all and thank you for all the memories."

written by: Chris Dickerson

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